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Licensed massage Therapist Nº MA86781

Certified personal trainer

Certified Pilates MAT Instructor


  • Achieve your fitness goals

  • Change your body

  • Improve your fitness and health 

  • Prevent injuries and illness

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Healing & Prevention

Massage Therapy Concept //

Is the intentional and systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to enhance health and healing.

Joint movement and stretching are commonly performed as part of massage.

Is one of the traditional natural healing arts.

It has been used for centuries to promote and restore health along with other gifts of nature such as nutritious food, herbs, healing waters, exercise, relaxation, fresh air and sunshine.

Massage Therapy Achievments:​

  • Muscle Relaxation

  • Pain Reduction

  • Stress Reduction

  • Reduce Anxiety

Stretching for more //
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Faster recovery after workout

  • Mobility

  • Muscle Balance

  • Neuromuscular Efficiency

  • Performance. 

Stretching for less //
  • Joint Stress

  • Muscle Soreness

  • Muscle Hypertonicity

Fitness  //

No matter the age, physical condition or gender, I will help you change your body and your mind.

 My Fitness programs:

  • Beginner Program

  • Strength training.

  • Post-Surgery.

  • Functional.

  • Balance.

  • HIIT.

  • Pilates Mat.

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