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I am an accomplished Physical Therapy with an emphasis on rehabilitation and trauma Therapy with more than 25 years of experience in Cuba and in Argentina. I am an enthusiastic team player with a great sensitivity, knowledge, experience, and skills that allow me to be more efficient and productive with the routines of massage techniques to provide the best benefit to my clients.

In 1990 I graduated from Manuel Fajardo Higher Institute of Physical education (Equivalent to U.S. degree of Bachelor of Science. In September of 1990, I started to work in CIREN “International Center of Neurological Restoration,” in La Habana, Cuba as a specialist in Neuro Rehabilitation.

In 1994 I moved to Argentina, where I continued to develop in the field of Physical Therapy for more than 20 years.

Nowadays, after 3 years living in the US and focusing in the art of pain relief through touch, either in healing or prevention, I was able to graduate from Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida as a Massage Therapist and then got the National  License of Massage Therapy, also acquired a certification in Sport Massage, Functional Approach to stretching and Range of Motion, Structural Myofascial Release, Personal Fitness Trainer by International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA), and Miami Pilates Mat Instructor by Forrest Pilates.

During 2017 and 2018 I participated in the Internship Program of performance sport massage with Mela therapeutic for NFL combine draft prep at Bommarito Performance System.

I continue providing the highest level of massage and bodywork services through Healing & Prevention Therapy in William's Island SPA, in Om’echaye Wellness Center, in Miami Spa Management. I also provide private services for those who need recovery from injury, stress related or for those who simply care about their body and think about prevention, including elite athletes who need to develop the best performance.