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Sports Event | 

We have all the tools, no matter the size of the event, or the type of event, duration and place, our goal would be to provide the athlete with the appropriate massage technique to achieve the specific objective before, during or after each competition.

Gym | 

Right in the middle of your fitness activity, we can bring you the benefits of massage in the gym, performing the massage service for as long as you need and in specific areas of the body.

Open House Events | Marketing Event |


We can raise the level of your event attending  with our masseurs who have fully portable professional massage equipment, we offer numerous ways to help you impress and attract the traffic of customers to your stand or event with an irresistible offer of chair massages, foot massages and stretching to your customers.

Gift Massage Certificates | 


You can build your own massage gift certificate, we have for 4 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours in a month.